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  • Legendary Hospitality
    with a Softer Footprint

    Death Valley National Park

  • Choose to Be
    Straw Free

    Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are produced every day. Unfortunately,
    a vast majority of these straws end up in our oceans, contributing to
    millions of tons of trash and over 1,000,000 seabirds and
    100,000 marine mammals ingesting plastic.
    It’s time to say “no” to plastic straws.

  • Committed to the preservation and protection
    of the environment in each of our

    ‘beautiful places on earth’

    Grand Canyon National Park

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My-Low Impact Life

Xanterra Parks & Resorts is on a continuous mission to find ways to reduce our fossil fuel consumption and associated carbon footprint, doing our part to indirectly prevent future environmental catastrophes. Our vision is simple: provide quality services to visitors at our parks and resorts in the most sustainable ways possible. This includes energy, carbon emissions, waste, development, foods, transportation, and water. At each of our park resorts and lodges, we’ve developed ways to be more environmentally conscious while delivering legendary hospitality.

How Xanterra Runs a My-Low Impact Life:

  • The historic steam train at Grand Canyon Railway runs on clean-burning, 100% waste vegetable oil.
  • The sale of bottled water was banned at Zion National Park; hydration stations are available instead to fill reusable water bottles.
  • Future Generations: Yellowstone Gifts features retail sustainability scorecards that can educate consumers in making greener purchases.
  • A wind turbine was installed at Maumee Bay State Park to generate enough renewable energy per year for the next 40 years.
  • In Death Valley, a solar energy system provides enough electricity from the sun to power 100% of the resort during the day.
  • All in-room amenities have been replaced with environmentally preferable items in biodegradable cornstarch containers.
  • Our in-room amenities, for the last year have been bulk amenities, significantly reducing our carbon and solid waste impacts.

Xanterra is also the first hospitality company to…

  • Ban certain types of fish species deemed harmful to the environment because of harvesting practices or low species populations.
  • To track, normalize and report all natural resource usage and waste generation at all locations through a computerized tracking system.
  • Use large-scale renewable solar photovoltaic systems to power portions of electricity demands.
  • Develop an internal CAFÉ (corporate average fuel economy) standard to improve efficiency of fleet vehicles.
  • Receive the Corporate Leader award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (in 2006).
  • Achieve the designation of “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary” from the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System (ACSS) for the Furnace Creek Golf Course in Death Valley National Park.
  • Pioneer the development of a mobile propane bottle recycling unit that recycles camper propane bottles and uses the waste fuel to power the unit.
  • Develop ultra-sustainable “Green Suites” for guests (at Zion Lodge in Zion National Park).
  • Recycle grease on-site into biodiesel for use in fleet vehicles.

To reduce our environmental footprint, we must work together. From taking part in annual beach clean-ups to declining to use a plastic straw with your drink at a restaurant, every action counts. What is your My-Low Impact Life? Share with us your stories and suggestions and help us achieve our goal in reducing plastic consumption worldwide.

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